Gemma_chef-service1 Maria_chef-service1 GEMMA & MARIA In our House it is possible to organize first-class chef services through one of our trusted collaborators. If you want to have a complete service sit down and relax, and our chefs will transform your holiday in a tasting experience. Whether you wish to have a special dinner party or enjoy a fun cooking class in the company of friends, they will provide you with a memorable moment. _____________________________________ If you wish to know more or make some special requests just contact us. Gemma and Maria will bring the most authentic spanish and italian culinary tasting to the table, but they will also introduce you to the international cuisine. They have an extensive knowledge of the dishes of their land, developed with extensive research into the historical origins of recipes, always paying particular attention to seasonality and the sourcing of the products.Delicious, healthy and incredibly versatile; the perfect charming atmosphere. _____________________________________  recipesOUR RECIPES You will taste the traditional dishes of the mediterranean culinary culture, prepared by the hand of our chefs the same way their’s grandmother prepared it since a long time ago. But paella and fideuà from Balear tradition will be not alone, you also will taste gnocchi, ravioli and homemade pasta. _____________________________________ drinkDRINKS & COCKTAILS Our chefs will make your meals perfect providing the most suitable wine for every dish. Furthermore, you will taste theirs special cocktails lying on the pool or sitting on the terrace. _____________________________________ cookingCOOKING CLASSES Make your own Gnocchi and Pasta, following the chef into the kitchen. Nothing will taste better than your very own gourmet creation! Learn the secrets of mediterranean cuisine then enjoy them with a glass of fine spanish wine.